Friday, February 29, 2008

Complaints, more complaints

C: Please give us back our TV Guide! Also, I intensely dislike the new format on Sunday's "Home" section, listing property transfers! - C.P.

A: No, we're not going to give you back your TV guide. You couldn't have missed it that much - we stopped publishing it almost two years ago.

Look at it this way: We and you are helping save trees - whole forests of them - by not printing the TV book. It was a 36-page tabloid for which we couldn't sell a single advertisement. Since we stopped printing it, we've saved 425 tons of paper.

Many of our readers appreciate the property transfers in the new list form because buyers and sellers are more easily identified and prices easier to compare. My guess is you "intensely dislike" the new format only because it is different.


Bob said...

Let's not assume that using less paper is saving more trees...

Demand of wood pulp declines due to less paper usage.

Price of wood pulp drops due to lower demand.

Value of a sustainable forest is diminished by lower price of wood product.

Rather than cut into his own margins, tree farmer Joe sells his forested land to developers.

Developers clear cut the land to build houses, which is more profitable than lumber and wood pulp.

Cutting down on paper usage and using more recycled paper can lead to the destruction of MORE trees. I am not saying that conservation and recycling are bad, but that everything can have unintended consequences.

Brant said...

It was still a good idea to get rid of the TV book. I was lobbying for its demise for years before we ditched it. Anyone who has cable or a dish has on-screen channel guides that are much more user-friendly than that book. If you don't have cable or a dish, it shouldn't take you long to figure out what's on your four channels.