Monday, March 24, 2008

Whine, whine, whine

Our switchboard opens at 8:30 a.m. At 8:31 this morning, I received a call from a reader upset by our "What's Up With That?" feature - a front-page article we publish every Monday. The article was about how 8 of 10 American women wear the wrong size of bra. It's not exactly breaking news, but it is an attempt to start the week on a lighter note with a little fun.

Apparently, the photo of a department store clerk measuring the bust of a mannequin was just too disgusting for this reader to take. For all of you out there who are getting ready to call me and chew my ear about this, please be assured that we will make every effort in the future to make your newspaper as boring and predictable as possible.


Brant said...

This depravity is indescribable. I thought we had hit bottom when I wrote the "Crappy Valentines Day" headline. But what's with all that naked mannequin flesh in my morning paper? Just trying to be titillating, aren't you? It's obvious to me that you, sir, are pandering to the male mannequin demographic. Have you no shame?!? Please cancel my subscription. Oh, wait, I get the paper for free. Never mind. But do you think, in light of this outrage, that we should really go ahead with the edible panties spread planned for next week?

Monique Ringling said...

I wonder if Penney's got any heat about the photo? Oh wait, no one bothered to flip the freakin' paper over and read the cutline that said it was a mannequin. Next time there should be bold text across the photo that reads "No real females were used while taking this photo."

Amanda Gillooly said...

Let me tell you: As a 27-year old newspaper reporter with very few friends who read the daily religiously, I am THRILLED that there is a feaure in our paper that adds a little fun, a littel lightness. I am proud of that feature (AND the picture of the bra fitting). I'm certain any number of my peers wouldn't blink twice at such a "controversial" photo.

Anonymous said...

Dear G.O.E.,
as a fellow G.E. (I'll skip the "O" and leave you guessing), I sympathize with your plight. I work at a publication that sold ads to Dove, showcasing grownup women selling skin cream in their underwear. Nothing you don't see at the beach, or at the Jacksonville airport for that matter, and all airbrushed to mannequin-like perfection. Yet we've received hundreds of letters accusing us of running "naked" pictures that degrade women and inflame the grandchidren and cause dirty-minded elderly men no end of embarrassment in the dentist's chair. I am heartened by your forthright responses to your complainants; may I send mine to you for a proper flogging?

Anonymous said...

I think all we editors would dearly love to forward our complaints to Parker, if he would only take them.

Would you?