Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whine, whine, whine

C: I was upset that the O-R did not cover or write about Hillary Clinton being in Uniontown, Fayette County. I've noticed that the O-R rarely says anything nice about her. - J.S.

A: We didn't cover Hillary Clinton when she was in Allegheny County, either, nor when she was in Cambria County or in Philadelphia. That's because we cover Washington and Greene counties. We covered Bill Clinton's visit to Washington & Jefferson College, and this morning's visit of Chelsea Clinton to Waynesburg and will cover Hillary's visit to California University on Thursday, because all those visits are in our coverage area.

As for being nice... well, we just haven't gotten around to starting that "Nice Things About the Candidates" page. Maybe we'll get around to that in mid-November. Until then, I'm afraid, we're just going to treat them like the politicians that they are.

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