Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today's gripe

Today isn't one of them, but on warm days in spring, it's a given that the peace will be disturbed by someone driving up Main Street with the stereo up full blast, the bass speakers creating vibrations that imitate an earthquake, and the lyrics are the staccato obscenities of gangsta rap.

It's not so much the volume that bothers me, but the message. Ever listened? Here are a few lines from the rapper Mdc:

Let's kill all the cops and throw 'em in bags
Set it on fire on a pile of rags
Time for a little anarchy on the streets
Doesn't really matter if we all get beat
'Cause the world is really going to hell in a handbasket...
So let's kill all the cops, kill all the
cops, kill all the cops today
Let's kill all the cops it has a certain ring
They are not really real human beings
They got a job a uniform and a gun
Of course they are stupid and devoid of fun...

Oh, what a world we live in.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if Washington would have had a newspaper that did investigative reporting we wouldn't have let our famed District Attorney Pettit run our county into the ground for all these past years. Turn your head the other way, don't look at the dirt in your backyard, and least of all report on any of the mess.

Maybe now with our new District Attorney that cares about our county and is slowly weeding out the corruption and dirty little players we will be able to walk outside onto the sidewalks and "LET THE SUN SHINE IN!"

Pettit had how many years with his buddies to drag down our county into a cesspool? Rome wasn't build in a day, but a few more terms of Tropani and I am sure he will clean up the mess they spent decades making.

You need to walk outside when I am driving up the street! "Oh Happy Days, When Jesus Washed Our Sins Away!" Better yet just stay inside and write some more of your gibber jabber about nothing of importance!

Ellipses said...

If your windows ever reverberate with the sound of bagpipes, gregorian chant, or vivaldi...

That be me. :-)

Make em say uh, uh... nah nah nah nah
&^##$# $^^#&*^ @#!^$*#&*

Anonymous said...

Don't really understand your point. Rap music is mostly associcated with race. That being black. In Washington PA the blacks seem to be shooting one another not our policemen as the white man just did in Pittsburgh, PA. So your point?

Park Burroughs said...

I suppose my point is that we all seem so surprised when someone rushes into a building and kills people at random, or guns down police, when all around us is this undercurrent of violence and hatred. It'ss not subtle; it's blaring from car stereos.

Anonymous said...

To be surprised by anything out here today is outdated. Just when you think one horrific news event you are hearing can't be topped, something else comes along to top the former.

You only believe there is all this undercurrent of violence and hatred around us because that is what the newspapers print and the news media spews at us everyday.

"With all its sham, drudgery & broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Just be careful and strive to be happy out here!"

It is all in ones' attitude.

Anonymous said...

You can't take life too serious out here or you will blow a gasket!

We are all just passing through, no one gets out alive in case you haven't noticed!

"It is, what it is!"

Steelerfan43 said...

Not all rap music/Hip Hop is about killing cops or other people. Not all rap/hip hop is about b*t&#es and h@!es. Please don't pass judgment on a particular genre of music based on what some dumb people listen too. Most of the music out nowadays is crap no matter what genre it comes from and this is coming from someone in their 20s.

Park Burroughs said...

My intention was not to dis all rap music. I was using these lyrics just as an example of that violent undercurrent. There are other examples – road rage, for instance.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain to me what in hell Pettit & Toprani have to do with the lyrics in gangsta rap? I just think anonymous has this huge hate for the Observer Reporter, but to lay blame on this paper for not investigating Pettit more throughly doesn't make much sense to me. I was in Wheeling last week and heard car radios booming gangsta rap, but never knew it was the fault of John Pettit and the O-R. I't true, you learn something new every day.


Anonymous said...

Pettit must have moved to Wheeling, WVA, he has been MIA around Washington, PA lately. That could be the answer to your question Chuck.

As for the OR well it gets blamed for everything, because they from time to time have been known to print the wrong lottery numbers, and I believe someone may have thrown away their winning ticket by mistake.

Therefore, everything would be their fault Chuck. I am sure they made it snow yesterday. & did it in April.