Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's gripe

It's annoying enough to witness drivers completely ignoring the rules of the road; it's disturbing when those drivers are the ones who are supposed to be enforcing those rules, or at least setting a good example.

Case in point: the County Sheriff's patrol car today that I had to brake for as the driver rolled through a stop and pulled in front of me, then failed to use his turn signal at the next intersection.


Anonymous said...

Are you really surprised that a member of the "frat boy" group of Romano's department did this?
Does anyone really think Romano and his gang have changed?
The Republicans can't even find someone to run against him though, so there will be no reason for change in the behavior.
But hey, "boys will be boys"

Brant said...

You sure it wasn't the sheriff, himself? I seem to recall he had a little driving dust-up a few months back. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did you report this behavior to Sheriff Romano, or......did you say to yourself "no point as the sheriff lacks self discipline so why would he enforce discipline in his staff"? Also, when you don't even bother to interview new applicants for the position of Deputy Sheriff, you get what you are asking for. This type of behavior would NEVER, EVER have been tolerated with Sheriffs Maggi and Rheel! Let's bring them back before something terrible happens!

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