Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gone fishin'

I'll be out of this blog until Monday, March 9. Hope you're still around when I get back. Actually, I won't be fishin' anything other than my errant golf balls out of a pond teeming with alligators on the golf course in my father's backyard in Florida. I woke up last Sunday, looked at the couple of inches of snow that had fallen overnight, and decided to cash in my frequent-flyer miles and go mooch off the family.

On another matter, I failed to mention previously that "Enter, With Torches" will not be available in bookstores, other than those in the immediate vicinity of Washington, Pa., so if you plan to buy it, please do so online. And if you hurry up, you can get the discount. (End of hideous, shameless self-promotional commercial!)

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