Thursday, May 8, 2008

Complaints and questions

C: In endorsing B. Hussain (sic) Obama, you have alligned (sic) yourselves with the terrorists who hate this country. They support him too. It is our hope you will give more thought to your position. - T.L.

A: I had no idea that Osama bin Laden was a super delegate. His Obama campaign button should have tipped me off.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I would think "the terrorists" would want someone exactly like George W. Bush to become president. The Iraq war has been a handy recruitment tool for al-Queda and the Taliban is gaining ground again in Afghanistan. God only knows how things would be inflamed if we attacked Iran, which the Bushies seem gung ho to do.

--Brad Hundt

Mike Jones said...

What a shame that person's vote counts just as much as mine.

Brant said...

What a shame that person even lives in this country. He almost seems ... um, bitter.