Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whine, whine, whine

A reader e-mailed a complaint this morning that we had "dropped the puck" by not including in our newspaper a poster celebrating the Pittsburgh Penguins making it to the NHL championship round. "The day of the first game, I expected to see an insert sign that I can hang in my window to brag some more how proud I am of the pens."

This is indeed tragic. But perhaps the reader can acquire a piece of cardboard and write "GO PENS!" on it with a Magic Marker. Better still, write, "SCORE A GOAL, PLEASE!"


Brant said...

I suppose we could be like the Pittsburgh TV stations and act as if the Penguins making the Stanley Cup finals is akin to V-E Day. I'm waiting for one of the big-hair anchorpeople to breathlessly bring us this story: "Sidney Crosby took out his garbage today. Next, a look at what we found inside!" And making the championship round, while signifying a solid season, is not a spectacular achievement. Two old sayings come to mind: 1) Nobody remembers who finished second, and 2) The second-place finisher is just the first loser.

Anonymous said...

Crosby lives with Mario Lemieus - I don't think anyone except the paid help takes out the garbage there!

What's wrong with a little regional pride in a winning team. You both sound too crabby - lighten up and enjoy the ride.

Tom Northrop said...

Actually, there are rules regulating the use of images of professional sports teams. During the Steeler Super Bowl run, we were not allowed to run any poster that included the word "Steelers," we could use only non trademarked words like black and gold. We were also not alowed to use any discernable image of any Steeler player, hence the blurred image of an unknown black and gold player. It is permissable to use the image of a player when illustrating a story about the team for the paper but we are not to use images that could conceivably be used for our profit.