Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today's gripe

We've grown pretty thick skins here and can handle criticism. Hey, answering complaints is part of my job description. But I get a little weary of taking the heat for all of society's ills.

The same guy who complained yesterday about the use of the American flag in an advertisement wrote again, this time sending clippings of photographs we have published recently showing people wearing the American flag: a Wild Things player in a uniform decorated with the flag, and a woman decked out all in red white and blue for the Canonsburg Fourth of July parade. "Shame on you," he wrote in notes attached to the clippings.

Shame on me? Shame on us? A newspaper is a mirror of society. Why smash the mirror for the image on its surface of which it has no control?


Anonymous said...

That "shame on you" term is so condescending, like he's such a superior being...I think he needs to get a life and quit looking for things to be so critical of.

Anonymous said...

GOE, it shouldn't surprise you. I think a special 1 percent of this county has nothing better to do than pester the O-R into convincing the remaining 99 percent of Washington County denizens that the 1-percenters' petulance actually has a bearing on anything at all.

I just pity you being on the receiving end of all the county's cry-baby blah-blah. Some people around here really need to stick to backgammon or playing canasta in Pottstown and refrain from public commentary.