Monday, July 7, 2008

Whine, whine, whine

Right off the bat this morning, I received several complaints about the Consol advertisement in the July 4 edition. It was a full-page, color ad of the American flag, with some coal miners lifting up the bottom corner of it.

The flag should have been hanging with the blue field on the right, not the left, one caller complained. "How could you allow this to happen?" she demanded.

Another objected to the flag being touched on the bottom by the coal miners. "The flag should never be used for advertising purposes. Shame on you!" he scolded.

Hey, complain to Consol, and their ad agency. And, I'm sorry, but have you been living in a capsule below the earth's crust? Have you not seen the American flag in thousands of TV ads, adorning clothing, flying on lapels, waved in celebration of causes both lunatic and righteous? The image of our flag is everywhere; it is inescapable; and so sadly, it is overused.


Ellipses said...

If you google "american flag" and select "images", 19 of the first 20 images of our flag has the blue field on the left (my left)... which "right" are we talking... sorry, I didn't get the paper this weekend.

Ellipses said...

I mean, which "right" are we talking about?


Anonymous said...

If more people complained about what is being done in the name of the flag than about how it's being displayed, we'd all be better off.