Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today's gripe

Our politicians' answer to the high demand and price of oil and the greenhouse gases that burning it causes is this: Find more oil and burn it! Sha-la-lala-lala live for today.
The British government, in response to sharp increases in the price of food, has suggested that its people eat less. Considering that the Brits are huffing and puffing just behind the United States in the obesity sweepstakes, this isn't such a bad idea. I'm sure that if our government had any suggestion about how to get more food for our money, it would be: Supersize it! Don't worry 'bout tomorrow, hey-ey-hey ey-hey.

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Ellipses said...

Holy cowbells... could you imagine the uproar if the president suggested people eat less? Jeezy Chreezy... A quarter pounder would be toted around by the rich and famous as the accessory du jour... it would replace the Hermes handbag, the tea cup rat dog, and the iPhone... At lunch, I will tell my co workers that I am popping out for a bite to eat... "Must be nice Mr. Money Bags."

I love England...