Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The Internet has made the world a much smaller and highly connected place. Already, I have heard from two people who grew up with me in the old Bronxville neighborhood. They must have Googled "Bronxville," and the series popped up.

I heard first from MaryAnne Denniston. She and her two brothers, Buddy and Tommy, lived on Meadow Avenue, close to the spiked bridge across the creek. Then I heard from Joanie Gagan, who was our nextdoor neighbor. They filled me in on the other kids and where they are now, some of them still living close by.

Was it really a half century ago that we played Hide and Seek in our back yard? They mention names and places in their e-mails, and long-forgotten things crawl out of their hiding places, and it seems like just yesterday.

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