Friday, August 15, 2008

Sorry, wrong choice

With all the saber-rattling going on and talk of the Russians being our enemies again, I heard this morning from a Russian friend, Yuri. He is an academic, completely oblivious to world politics. His concern now is his dissertation, in the works now for probably 20 years. He's researching the individual's moral equivalent of the Holy Grail, or something like that.

Anyway, I had written to Yuri a few days ago, asking him to do me a favor. I asked him to walk down Kirova street in the evening for me. Kirova is the main drag in his city of Novokuznetsk. At this time of year, it doesn't get dark until about 11 p.m., and all evening the city's residents stroll up and down the boulevard; it is like a festival. I asked him to stop into one of the beer tents and drink a half-liter of Baltica beer for me. Baltica is the most prevalent brand of beer in Russia.

Apparently, Baltica is not exactly Yuri's favorite. "And sure I will have a Baltica, tasting of the Baltic Sea water when stagnate in pools after storm on the beaches of St. Pete," he wrote. But, at just 50 cents for a killer can, he will suffer through it, he told me. After all, what are friends for?


Brant said...

Russia is not only our enemy, it's the enemy of the world right now. And I'm speaking of the government, not the Russian people. So much for all that hand-holding and "good buddy" talk at the Crawford ranch a few years back. Putin is the new Stalin.

Dale Lolley said...

But hey, I'm sure if we geet NATO to issue a stern reprimand, they'll pull out right away and promise to never invade another country again.

Brant said...

Kind of like Hitler promised not to invade any more countries before World War II. Let the appeasement begin.

tzoneman said...

We just have to pray that Russia comes to it senses soon, for it could be read bad for ( ALL )..if it continues along the path it is taking..once again, it is the U.S. that seems to be involved the most...where are the other countries??..or don't they care?..and could someone please nominate Condolezza Rice for VP..she is one smart woman and not afraid to stand up to bullies ( Russia, Iran, Irag ) whoever...she stands tall and strong..she would make a excellent Vice President...hell, she would be a better Presidential candidate then what is running for President.