Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's gripe

If you're wondering where the city cops are when you need them the most, why they are not out pounding the beat in neighborhoods crippled by crime, arresting drug dealers and copper thieves and prostitutes more often, take a look at the Police Beat in today's paper.

Seems a couple of middle school students at Washington Park School got into a fight and - Heavens! If you can imagine it! - struck each other. The police were called to break it up and charge the kids with disorderly conduct.

It used to be that the teachers would break up fights and send the kids to the principal's office, where they would get a dressing-down before their parents were called in. Punishment was decided, by the school and by the parents. The kids were made to shake hands and told that if they persisted in any more shenanigans, they'd be shipped off to Reform School.
Now, this is a problem for the police and the court system to handle.


Anonymous said...

The trouble today is that what you mentioned does not work. The kids today are violent and have no parenting. Teachers do not have the support of school boards to handle these students and frankly are afraid of these kids. Put a hand on them and they will land in jail. Not worth it. Call the police. Sad situation.

Brant said...

It's incredible the kind of stuff you hear on the scanner as regards calls for police assistance. People with unruly children. People who see someone "suspicious" walking down their street. People who think the police have an obligation to help after they locked their keys in the car. Chicken*&^% stuff.

Dale Lolley said...

We have a good laugh about it at night in the office. Parents calling 911 to handle their unruly 14-year-old. Happens all the time.