Monday, September 8, 2008

Today's gripes

I haven't owned a motorcycle for something like 38 years now, and there's a reason for that: It's because of all the car-driving idiots who don't acknowledge the existence of motorcycles (or bicycles) on the road.

Several times a week in this kind of bike-riding weather, I witness the driver of a car turning left across traffic, oblivious to the motorcycle approaching, despite blazing headlamp and usually roaring engine. Quite a few area bikers have been injured, and some killed this year in precisely this manner.

The car-drivers who do this should lose their licenses, permanently.


Brant said...

You're right about drivers not paying sufficient attention to motorcyclists, but I think it's a bigger problem of drivers just not paying attention to much of anything, except their radios, makeup application, cell phones, kids, etc. Also, the motorcyclists shouldn't get a free pass on this. I see them doing plenty of stupid things. Just the other day on 844, I passed a pair of motorcyclists who were riding side by side, with one of them very nearly in my lane of traffic. I actually moved over toward the berm because I was afraid of hitting the jackass.

Anonymous said...

Live to ride, ride to live

Anonymous said...

What about the wheelie-popping jackass I saw on Route 66 last week? He performed his stunt surrounded by three cars, then decided he had enough fun and roared off into the sunset at 100mph.