Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whine, whine, whine

From our Reader Survey, mailed back with subscription renewals...

C: Please!! Explain to Park Burrougs (sic) that the most important item in USA is the economy. Its his and the papers duty to publish daily stock market results. Of course he will probaly (sic) just hang up on you. - K.M.

A: Please!! This is the 21st century, and if any paper at all had a duty to publish complete stock market results, it would be the Wall Street Journal, but even that paper doesn't. Fact is that stock listings are available instantly to anyone on the Internet, and these days, very few people don't have that access. Stock listings have gone the was of hospital admissions and the Radio Log.

We dropped complete Sunday listings more than 10 years ago and hardly heard a whimper, because by Sunday morning, Friday's closing prices were old, old news. We still publish a daily market report with selected listings from the New York, American and Nasdaq exchanges, and that's more than you'll find in, say, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

If anyone were to call to complain about our stock listings, I would tell him this and not hang up on him. But the fact is I don't get calls about this because anyone who needs to follow the market closely has a much better way to do it than a newspaper.

1 comment:

Ellipses said...

I'm glad you didn't take the position that the most important item in the USA was proper spelling and grammar...

"Stock listings have gone the was of hospital admissions and the Radio Log."

That would have garnered a "Thwap!"

I'm going to call you someday and complain about something dumb... it will be like a really REALLY delayed form of calling in to request a song on the radio just to hear the DJ say your name...