Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A new story

There comes a point in many a young person's life when he or she must break away from parents, or friends, or school and go on a quest. This is a rite of passage, an affirmation of independence, a search for adventure, an escape from routine.

The quest may not lead that person very far away, physically, but it often leads to unexpected discoveries and consequences.

Many young people embarking on their journeys of discovery in the summer of 1969 found themselves dancing in the mud at Woodstock. Although my own quest occurred at that very time, I was not present at that famous musical festival but chose an entirely different direction.

I'll be writing about that journey over the next several weeks. As always, I'll stick to the truth as much as my faulty memory can recall it. The characters you'll read about are or were real people, although I may change their names. And please feel free to comment about your own experiences and share them with other readers of this blog.

I'll give this story a curiously cryptic title: "How to Break an Ankle." It starts tomorrow.

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Ellipses said...

I can't wait... as a Chaucerian, I love Pilgrimage Tales...

Mine sucked, however... but I will share it in the comments.