Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whine, whine whine

C: Since you have allowed The Observer-Reporter to become a willing partner with the Democratic Party Propaganda Wing - the Associated Press - why not scrounge up enough courage and decency to place a name on your masthead that actually describes the conversion. I'll assist you. Consider: "The Democrat Reporter" or, even better, "The Socialist Democrat Reporter". The latest swill that you pass off as journalism,
"Review: Palin has checkered history on ethics issues" (October 15,2008 - front page -right) is another of the unsubstantiated, rumor based rantings of a couple of AP hatcheters who have slithered through the sewers of Alaska muckraking for any little fantasy from anyone who has ever had any reason to wish Sarah Palin harm. No one, not even Sarah Palin, becomes the Governor of a State without ruffling a feather. All your AP hacks, and the army of investigators sent to Alaska by the Democratic party, have found as sources are political foes who are slightly disarranged of wing and mind.- R.K.

A: A really important part of news are its first three letters: n-e-w. Sarah Palin is new and news. Barack Obama has been around running for president for two years, and all of his skeletons have been trotted out of the closet, dusted off and examined already. And Joe Biden and John McCain have been around forever. Every mistake they've ever made has already been written about many times. John McCain was embroiled in a scandal that branded him as one of the "Keating Five," but that was back in the '80s, and nobody cares about that anymore.

And nobody would give a damn about Sarah Palin taking gifts and favors and giving fat government jobs to her friends if she hadn't climbed up on a pedestal and proclaimed herself a champion of ethics.

Sorry, pal, but it's the job of reporters to point out the hypocrisy of politicians, and they all get their turn being poked, Democrat, Republican or whatever.


Anonymous said...

I am SO TIRED of the "Your either with us or against us" mentality!

God help us if the Republican's STEAL another election this year!

Suisun City, CA

Anonymous said...

Give 'em heck G.O.E.!!! I'm with ya!

Anonymous said...

There's the Socialism demon again. Yeah ... we were comfortable in the '50s, when everyone knew who to hate and Negroes were beloved entertainers and sports heroes. Let's go back.

So and so said...

I'm pretty sure that half the people who call the Democrats Socialists couldn't tell why they are Socialists or what Socialism is.