Monday, January 19, 2009

Shhhh. Editor asleep

C: I have become aware over the years that little geography is being taught in the schools. I came to that conclusion through simple conversations with students who have no idea of locations within our nation of states, rivers, cities within states, etc.
However - that's a great big old mistake.
The beautiful Hot Shot photo submitted by the Oliverios who, while traveling through New England, took a sightseeing cruise off the coast of Portland, Maine, and saw this fisherman pulling in his catch from the Pacific Ocean. When did they move Maine to the Pacific side, and how come no one told me??? - L.M.

A: Zzzzzz. Huh? Oh, you and your details...

Sometimes, it's hard to get angry over a mistake this outrageously stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Now if only someone would take their O-R copy to a beach resort on the coast of Slovakia ...