Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's gripe

The crew from Sony Pictures is coming back today to do more filming, and as far as the outside world knows, the Observer-Reporter is still the Bank of Harlan. I just hope today's scenes don't involve any more gunfire. After yesterday, I feel as if I've just done a tour of duty in Iraq.

I am the jumpy type. Watching movies on TV at home, loud noises and sudden movements tend to lift my backside off the couch, send popcorn flying. So, you can imagine what sort of state I was in yesterday, when every 15 minutes my heart was stopped by bursts of gunfire in the street right outside our building. Hey! The first take looked pretty good to me; was it really necessary to do 12 more?


Anonymous said...

Come on Park it made the day more exciting than usual, at least for most of us in the building. But I too tended to jump each time the guns went off.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they could shoot up the taxpayers turf when it is installed in the stadium. I guess this is part of the stim-u-less package.

Trapperjohn said...

What really upset me is that the paper vending machines were removed from the front of the building.I guess they have no paper vending machines in Harlan. I usally get a paper at 3:00 am hard to find it any other place at that time.