Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whine, whine, whine

C: It would be nice if like in the past, you provide a front page section, and a separate local section, that way 2 people could have a section to read in lieu of one person having to wait until the other person is finished. - R.B.

A: We have been printing two-section papers instead of four-section papers whenever we can these days, not to make dual reading of the paper more difficult, but for two reasons: 1) We sometimes don't have enough advertising to support four sections; and 2) to save paper. Maybe you haven't heard yet, but newspapers have been having this slight revenue problem lately. It costs a lot to produce a newspaper, and sometimes we have to sacrifice some convenience in order to keep publishing one.


Paul said...

I hate to think of a Washington County without the O-R.

The county needs a strong daily newspaper that believes in unbiased journalism to keep the politicians honest.

Ellipses said...

Speaking of which... judging from facebook, it looks like there was another "bloodbath" yesterday...

"We" (the literate public) only see the struggles and efforts of the writers and the "news" side of things... what is the sales staff doing to turn things around? Is it business as usual or are they busy cranking out exciting new initiatives to raise revenue and fill inventory?