Friday, December 26, 2008


My old boarding-school roommate, Dean, wrote today to wish me and my family a Merry Christmas, to remind me that I had once again sent a card to him and a long-defunct address, and to pass on this yuletide observation:

"What I find most interesting and outstanding at Christmastime is the sudden and soon-to-be fleeting politeness of other drivers. Too bad most do not apparently remember that, after all, we are all in this together."


Suisun City, CA said...

Holiday Greetings to you and your readers!

I beg to differ about the holiday driving...or maybe the local drivers here are suffering from the "dummies"!

It seems the holidays provide a unique distraction and contribute to more accidents, impatience and overall bad behavior.

I'm not sure of the current driving laws in PA; however we have this law in California that states drivers must turn on their lights when it is raining and they are using their windshield wipers. This law is 3 years old (at least...). It never fails that these idiots dont turn on the lights and create even more difficult driving conditions along with the wet roads and dense fog.

I've thought of sending my yearly gripes and driving reminders to the newspaper in the hopes of inspiring this "politeness" others are experiencing.

I stop myself because no good deed goes unpunished, and most of these idiots probably dont read (the newspaper,too)!

Finally, while driving into San Francisco on Christmas Eve we watched some ignorant guy driving a pickup truck speeding on the freeway. He had a large dog, frantically pacing back and forth while it was pouring rain, in the bed of the truck. This dog was not tied up for safety and was slipping all over the place. He barely had any room to turn around. It made me sick to my stomach watching and driving near his vehicle. It was a disaster waiting to happen! I considered calling the CHP but thought better because I have too often experienced road rage of the California style. Its a dangerous situation either way!

The moral of the story is know the laws of the road and be courteous to others. And PLEASE use your turn signals! Dont take for granted that I know where you are going, or better yet, your more important than me!

Have a safe and healthy new year!

Suisun City, CA

donnab1lew said...

driving is a privaledge, not a right, i think people seem to forget this. just go to wal mart. people do not even look before crossing in the cross walk. no respect for themselves, let alone other people. another down slide for society.