Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just a few of us Bob Cratchits still toiling away at Marley & Scrooge, Inc. Just a few more lines to punch and numbers to crunch. Outside, the rain is falling and the few people left on the street are scurrying to their cars, or to the bars, eager to join friends and family.

It's so peaceful now. The phones have fallen silent. The police scanner softly hisses, occasionally pausing on a channel inadvertently opened or for something as mundane as a license check. It's time to go home.

There were no calls of complaint today; no one upset about a misspelling or the Peanuts cartoon being on the classified pages, or the Wall Street bankers getting away with murder. Today, there are other things to be concerned about. There are stockings to stuff, and church pews to fill, and calls to make to family far away. For a day or two, Peace on Earth will be the main concern. Would that the rest of the year be half as nice.
Merry Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

You do know it's not politically correct nowadays to wish your readers a "Merry Christmas." However, may God bless you for not being politically correct.