Monday, May 4, 2009

Forever Cars, Part 8

By Nancy Bennett

The first car I bought myself was an Austin-America. It looked just like
the picture above, except it was blue. The only problem I had with
it was the hydraulic suspension. Every so often I would lose it on one
side of the car, which made it look lopsided. I took it to British
Motors in San Diego (run by an Englishman), and after my third trip in for the same problem, I asked him why this kept happening. He said,
“Remember when the colonists dumped the tea in the Boston Harbor? Well, this is the way we are getting even.”

When I got married, my husband wanted to get rid of it right away. He called it a death trap. I thought it was cute and fun to drive. Needless to say, we traded it in for a “safer” car.


Harry Funk said...

My grandmother bought an Austin in the late '60s to replace her aging Saab. The Austin seemed like a good car, but she later traded in on a Gremlin. 'Nuff said.

Ellipses said...

You guys had AWESOME cars... I drove a POS plymouth, chrysler and a nissan... I'd love to meet these old ladies rockin' saabs and austins!