Thursday, May 28, 2009

Road Trip, Part 8

Near Wakeeny, Route 40 is a gravel road that parallels Interstate 70. Heading west, if you take a left and drive straight south for two hours at high speed, you’ll reach Dodge City, the closest place with a familiar name.

As much as we would have liked to pay a visit to Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty, we were on a mission. At Oakley, Old 40 splits off from the interstate and meanders southwest through an endless expanse of champagne-colored short grasses. We had been told that Kansas was boring, that driving through it would be an agony of tedium, but we found it awesome and beautiful.

From the journal:
People are in short supply in western Kansas. As we traveled along 40, motorists coming in the other direction waved to us. A sign by the side of this empty road read, “Abortion stops a beating heart.” It’s easy to understand that kind of emotion on the high plains, because there are precious few beating hearts in western Kansas. They need all the beating hearts they can to keep them company and tend this land.

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