Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Picture Box

Another photo from the West Middletown collection, circal 1910... I call this one "Cowboy."
West Middletown and Avella have had a significant black population since before the Civil War, and this collection of photos is evidence.


Ellipses said...

Yes, of course... because 1 black guy on a horse = "significant black population."

Hell, I saw an asian guy at the grocery store yesterday... Washpa is practically Seoul!

I'm kidding... I'm just playin'... Mike Jones has me in a deconstructive mood

Park Burroughs said...

Hey, I'm showing just one photo at a time here. The collection has photos of African Americans at work and in the school house that I may post later.

Brant said...

I think that guy was once sheriff in Rock Ridge.

Anonymous said...

No surprise, given a African Methodist Episcopal parish still exists in West Middletown.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, but wonder about some of the racist comments. No, correct that, I no longer wonder after having visited the area.